WDTCS Flowmeter with Mechanical Register ,Strainer and Air Eliminator


WDTCS Flowmeter With Mechanical Preset Register, Strainer, Air Eliminator, Preset Valve,Printer



WDTCS  Flowmeter With Mechanical Preset Register, Strainer, Air Eliminator, Preset Valve


WDTCS  Flowmeter With Mechanical Preset Register, Strainer, Air Eliminator, Encoder


WDTCS Flowmeter with Mechanical Register, DN100 Flange Strainer and Air Eliminator



Excellent stepless adjusting machine;

High accuracy and repeatability over the widest range of flow, superior accuracy at constant flow;

Low maintenance, no metal to metal contact in measuring chamber, long life service;

Low pressure loss, a true gravity flow meter;

Accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuations, temperature variation, viscosity ;

Choice of Aluminum, cast iron, brass and stainless steel materials of construction.


1. Refined petroleum products

2. Aviation gasoline and jet fuel

3. A wide variety of products such as: liquid sugar , corn syrup, corn sweetner , dextrose , fructose , sucrose , maltose , lactose , corn oil , soy bean oil , cotton seed oil , coconut oil.

4. Treated water(dejonized , demineralized , and potable)

5. Chlorinated solvent and general solvent metering.

6. Acid PH liquid

7. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

8. Crude oil , also for heated and /or viscous liquid

9. Oil or water based latex products , polyester resins, and adhesives(neutral PH),also for metering herbicides and nitrogen fertilizer solutions.

10. Herbicide

11. Sodium hydroxide(caustic) solution, high sulfur crude oil(LACT and NOD) and other alkaline PH liquid.

12. Abrasive liquid



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