WDTCS-LPG Flow Meter With Mechanical Register, Differential Valve, Air Eliminator and Strainer

Size: 50mm / 2”

Flow: 38-380L/min , 55-550L/min (100GPM)

Volume Per Revolution:0.681L

Working Pressure:350PSI

Measuring Unit: Liter, US Gallon, IMP Gallon


WDTCS-LPG Flow Meter Differential Valve

LPG Differential Valve mounted on the meter outlet and connected at the valve bonnet to the vapor eliminator on the meter with function of to stop liquid flow whenever vapor is present in the system. The valve maintains sufficient pressure to ensure that high-vapor pressure products such as LPG or anhydrous ammonia (NH3)always remain in the liquid state. The valve is spring loaded and designed to fail closed.

Material: Aluminum

Size:1.5"; or 2";

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