Product Introduction


This series of diaphragm pump is the latest type at home currently. It can be used to pump and suck up all liquids including various corrosive liquids, volatile, inflammable, explosive and virulent liquids with grains and high viscosity, ceramic glaze slurry, berry and glue or for the bottom oil recovery of oil tanker and temporary tank dump in. Its performance parameters are similar as those of German WLLDENPUMPS and America MARIOWPUMPS. The flow-through parts of the pump body adopt four kinds of material: stainless steel, fluorine rubber, neoprene and Chemgium fluorine rubber.

Type Designation

DBY – 40

DBY -  Diaphragm pump

40 - Diameter of pump outlet and inlet(mm)


Technology Parameters




Rotary speed1450r/min


Temperature -15-+150℃

Self-priming high5-7m

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