1. The health class pneumatic diaphragm pump flow components using 304,316L to achieve food grade requirements.

2. The use of precision casting,the surface smooth and clean,and has a higher strength.

3. Ball valve using special machine further grinding processing,round the whole degree is high,the sealing performance is good.

4. Accurate calculation of the diaphragm moving distance,reduce the diaphragm force,with a longer life expectancy.

5. Four bolt connection design,good sealing performance,the actual dry suction up to 0-4 meters.

6. Three sections of the upper and lower covers,flexible and convenient installation.

7. One diaphragm design block,has excellent pressure resistance,high temperature performance,widely used in filter press industry.

8. The diaphragm connecting rod with wear-resistant stainless steel,with better corrosiion resistance,longer lift.


Main use:

1.Food:salt water,chocolate,vinegar, syrup,vegetable oil,soybean oil,honey,cat dog food,animal blood;

2.Drugs:plant extracts,flakes creams,alcohol,filter aids,ultra filtration,plasma,waste solvent;

3.Drink:fermentation,fruit pulp,hot tank slag,hops,syrup,liquid concentrate,gas-liquid mixing,fruit juice,jam,corn syrup,milk,soda,Coca-Cola.

4.Cosmetic:detergent,shampoo,cream,latex,washing paste,surfactant,hair gel,soap;

5.Wine:wine,,beer,Yellow Wine,rice wine and so on.



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