WDQP Vapor Recovery Vacuum Pump




ZKB Series gasoline vapor recovery vacuum pump is a relatively consummate pump for gasoline vapor recovery system,it can work between the temperature of minus 40 degrees and 60 degrees,and can be used atone or as a part of the system in gas stations.In the Gasoline vapor recovery system,the pump is mainly used for collecting gasoline vapor so to lower the pollution and save resources.As the environment pollution goes from bad to worse and the requirement for efficient use of resources persistently,gasoline vapor recovery vacuum pump will be used extensively in this area.

Structure Character

The characteristics of ZKB Series gasoline vapor recovery vacuum pump as follows:

There fixed a pump shaft that is driven by the electromotor and is connected by a brace to a pole that link to a piston which can move up and down freely in a bush inside the pump.Above the piston,there is a seat assembly which includes a non return inlet valve and outlet valves for the gasoline vapor,and the above mentioned valves are linked to the pump inlet and outlet chamber respectively.What we need to do is to connect the pump inlet chamber with a pipe to the vapor recovery adapter,and connect the adapter to the refueling nozzle with a soft,double wall tube.



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