KCB type gearpump is applicable to transport all kinds ofsolid particlesviscosity of5-1500C.s.t and temperature inbelow 200 DEG C of all kinds of oilssuch ascrude oildiesel,kerosenelubricantsand dynamic plant oil etc..Equipped withcopper gear can transportlow flash point liquidsuch asgasolinebenzene etc..


Compact structure, easy to use and maintenance

By gear, shaft, pump body, safety valve, shaft end seal

Transporting high viscosity liquid, low pressure, large flow rate

Has a good self absorption performance, it is not required before the pump to fill the liquid

Power driven optional motor or diesel engine

Built in safety valve, overload safety protection

In the oil system can be used to transfer, booster pump, in the fuel system can be used for transport, compression, injection of the fuel pump. In all industrial areas, can be used as lubricating oil pump.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pipeline transportation.ships, mines, metallurgy, power plants and other industries.

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