Double-sealed oil measuring hole

Use and characteristic

The oil filling hole is a measuring inlet which is used by the service station staff every day,and the oil hole flange plate is connected with a short neck flange plate at the bottom of the oil tank and is arranged on the top of the oil tank, and the oil quantity oil hole is communicated with the inner cavity of the oil tank. At present the widespread use of the amount of oil hole for the translational rotary cover is in not when measured with the common padlock, there are a variety of methods can be the destruction, illegally opened and closed performance is not good, easily lead to oil and gas leakage to pollute environment.Therefore the traditional quantity oil hole can not be effectively used in the modern country to advocate the environmental protection environment.

Gas station to the main characteristics of oil and gas recovery of an oil measuring hole: with clamshell closed hole and the ball core sealed double closed design, prevent the leakage of oil and gas. Double padlock structure design,the anti prizing and artificial external damage more difficult.Flip open design, clamshell can be sealed cover and lock locking handwheel, in order to prevent the closed cover and the iron impact sparks, the lid seal is embedded in the groove resistant oil ring in.Due to the measurement of the dipstick and sampling barrel contact hole to friction sparks, and static electricity is produced, so embeded in the inside of the orifice have copper sleeve, prevent sparks and electrostatic discharge. And a 360 degree rotation of the copper guide groove (Tou Chicao) is designed on the fixed measuring point.

This type of oil hole part Aluminum Alloy casting material,compact, firm structure, no blisters, pores. A sealing ring with nitrlie rubber, oil resistant and corrosion resistant to ethanol,aging resistance, can effectively meet the requirements of sealing oil tank.Therefore, the modeI of the factory production of oil holes. The design is reasonable, the structure is simple,the installation is simple, and it is not affected by the weather,the temperature,the measurement management of oil products and the safety of storage and transportation.

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