Aluminium alloy pipe flame arrester

Flame arrester, a new type of flame arrester for pipeline, is a new product of the new generation.The structure of the flame arrester is reasonable, and the fire resistance layer is made of stainless steel, and the corrosion resistance is easy to clean.The shell is made of stainless steel, carbon steel and cast steel,which can meet the needs of various process piping.

Main application

1)Pipeline for transporting flammable gas.

2)Flare system.

3)Oil gas recovery system.

4)Heating furnace fuel gas pipe line.

5)Gas purification Tonghua system.

6)Gas analysis system.

7)Coal mine gas drainage system.

8)Flame test for 13 times in a row to prevent the flame from the flame.

9)Hydrostatic test 2.4MPa no leakage.

Appearance and installation dimensions

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