Adblue Transfer Pump With Stainless Steel 304 Tank 100L

(100L,200L,300L,400L,500L,600L,700L,800L,900L,1000L tank for choice,if you have other specification of tank ,we can special produce for you)

Structure: Adblue Pump(AC110V/220V,DC12V/24V,for choice) ,Ovel gear meter (with ot without ,for choice),Nozzle(Manual or Automatic ,Plastic or Stainless steel material ,for choice),4meter hose(other meter,for choice),Related coupling


Usage:It can be used for transportation of Adblue,water,weak acid-base solution,weak corrosive solution and chemical solution.Pump type: Electric Diaphragm Pump

Meterr type: Oval Gear Meter

Material of pump : engineering plastics, fluororubber, 304 stainless steel and tetrafluoroethylene.

Pressure: 25PSl

Head of delivery: 10M

Suction Height: 5m

Medium temperature: ≤ 60℃

(It is strictly prohibited to extract liquid with particulates.)

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